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ICONFIT MSM Collagen with C vitamin combines the best properties of it’s famous and studied ingredients for boosted results.

  • Every serving contains 7-8g hydrolysed collagen, 2,5g MSM and 500mg of C vitamini.
  • Combines 3 praised ingredients that work best together for amazing results for your joints, hair, skin, nails health.
  • Proven results in numerous scientific studies for relieving joints pain and improving skin, hair, nails health.
  • Available as unflavoured mix to add to smoothies, food, drinks and also as flavoured drink mixes to simply mix with water. .

ICONFIT MSM Collagen with C vitamin is the perfect combination supplement for joints health. We’ve combined our popular hydrolysed collagen with MSM’s best properties and for improved absorbing and effect added pure vitamin C. This conbination works better than any of these ingredients separately for joints health, pain and also for hair, skin, nails health.

Available as an unflavoured mix (add to smoothies, food, drinks) and also as flavoured options (mix with water). Packaged in our airtight cardboard cans that are much more eco-friently and convenient to use than any paper covered plastic bag.


Hydrolysed Collagen

Collagen has risen a lot in popularity over the last years and has become a popular health supplement with proven effects. It’s made of animal origin raw materials in a natural way without any added chemicals. Collagen helps protect your joints, helps to restore them faster, improves bone flexibility and helps build strong muscle structure. It’s also world-famous for it’s cosmetic benefits for skin, hair and nails health.


MSM is an organic sulfur compound found naturally in plants, animals and also in human bodies. As collagen, MSM has also been in numerous studies and shown amazing results for joints pain and been great for skin and hair. It’s superpower is relieving inflammation and allergic processes in our bodies and it’s detox properties help to get rid of toxins.

Scientific studies have shown great results when tried daily on 100 over 50 year old people. Others only got a placebo. The ones that got MSM had reduced joints pains, better movability and reduced joints inflammation.

Vitamin C

Maybe this important ingredient doesn’t even need an introduction – we’ve added 500mg per serving as it helps with MSM absorption and effect. Known as the sunshine vitamin, it’s naturally found in numerous berries, fruits etc. However specially nordic people don’t get enough from daily food so it’s beneficial to add it as supplement.






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