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Opti-Men is a complete Nutrient Optimization System

Opti-Men is a complete Nutrient Optimization System, providing the ultimate in performance supplementation. With more than 75 distinct ingredients, Opti-Men lays a solid foundation for everyday health, performance, and vitality.

Five performance blends:

  1. Amino-Blend: Contains 8 key free-form acids (including Arginine, Glutamine, and BCAAs), the building blocks of lean muscle growth and development.
  2. Viri-Blend: Contains 8 exotic botanicals and marine concentrates designed to enhance your male edge.
  3. Phyto-Blend: Contains over 20 antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable concentrates to help combat free radicals.
  4. Enzy-Blend: Contains 4 specific enzymes for enhanced nutrition digestion and absorption.
  5. Opti-Blend: Comprehensive nutritional coverage with 25 vitamins and essential minerals with an emphasis on antioxidants and B-vitamins.

Beyond the basics:

  • 350+ milligrams B-complex vitamins
  • Five gender-specific blends
  • Comprehensive nutrient optimization system
  • Free-form amino acids
  • Botanical extracts
  • Fruit and vegetable phytocomplex
  • Digestive enzymes
  • High-potency vitamins & minerals

As a dietary supplement for men, consume 3 tablets daily with food

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