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- Extra fast absorbing protein from 93% whey isolate.

- Perfect instant solubility and best amino acid profile.

- Every 25g serving has over 5g (5000mg) BCAA and over 22g of protein.

- Whey isolate is a pure protein source with almost zero fats and carbs!

ICONFIT WHEY ISOLATE 90+  is based on 93% whey protein isolate. We’ve put a lot of effort in keeping this product clean and specially high protein content. Whey Isolate 90+ has excellent solubility and is almost fat and carb free. Highly praised by athletes due to it’s rapid absorption rate – use right after training to give your muscles a boost to support development and recovery.

Why is ICONFIT WHEY Isolate 90+ better than others?

whey isolate

  • ICONFIT isolate has extra high protein content – based on 93% instant solubility isolate also out flavoured options have over 90% protein content (chocolate at 88,2% due to added natural cocoa powder). Many other brands call their products isolates but may have just 80-85% protein content to save costs.


  • Most other brands add artificial stabilisers, colourants and other ingredients that should not be in these products. ICONFIT cares for it’s product quality and does not use such additives!


  • ICONFIT – since 2013! We take pride in our product quality and develop them with top athletes and nutritional specialists!


ICONFIT Whey Isolate 90+ flavoured options are premium isolates with added flavouring, cocoa powder (only in chocolate flavoured option), sunflower lecithin (~0,5%) to boost solubility and a small amount of sucralose for sweetening.

ICONFIT Whey Isolate 90+ Unflavoured option is pure premium whey isolate with a small amount (~0,5%) of sunflower lecithin to boost solubility. That’s it, nothing more added! It has quite neutral milky taste so if you’r used to whey protein taste then it’s also good for just mixing with water and consuming. You may also use your own added flavouring or mix with other sports nutrition.


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